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Drainwell Modular Polypropylene Plastic Soakwells are made by Novaplas Group in Perth and distributed across Australia

Drainwell Plastic Soakwells are used in new and existing homes and commercial buildings for trafficable and non-trafficable areas.

What Are Soakwells?

Soakwells are underground structures that dispose of unwanted water, most commonly stormwater runoff, by dissipating it into the ground, where it merges with the local groundwater.

Drainwell Plastic Soakwell Modules consist of panels which easily clip together, are simple and light weight to install, and do not require a concrete paving slab above them.

The Drainwell Plastic Soak Well is more cost effective than concrete soak wells which have been traditionally used over the years. Drainwell Soakwells have been installed under many concrete slabs including under driveways and carparking areas.

Drainwell Polypropylene Plastic Soakwells are made in Australia and have a very effective infiltration open surface area allowing the stormwater to soak away into the ground at a faster rate then other types of soakwells.  The Drainwell Module Plastic Soakwell is wrapped in geo cloth filter wrap to prevent sand entering the soakwell.

Drainwell Soakwells are simple to install and there is a cut out guide that accommodates 90mm PVC pipe to the side or the top of the module.

Dimensions of Drainwell Soakwells:

  • Soakwell Length 75.5cm
  • Soakwell Width 40cm
  • Soakwell Height 44cm

Where Can I Buy Soakwells?

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  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Drainwell Does Not Require a Concrete Lid or Blue Metal Stone
  • Flat Packed, Easy to Handle & Easy to Transport
  • Easy DIY Soakwell installation
  • Panels Clip Together Easily
  • Trafficable – can be installed under driveways
  • Australian Made – full quality control
  • 132 Litres per Soakwell Module – large capacity
  • 90mm PVC Pipe and Fittings Available to Suit the Plastic Soakwells

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