Grass Reinforcement for Parking on Grass

Grass Reinforcement mats are used when vehicles need to park on grass.

Novaplas Grassrings® control lawn erosion and protect lawn areas from vehicle loadings.

Grassrings Turf Reinforcement Grids are also used for erosion protection in high flow channels and on slopes. Grassrings are made in Australia by Novaplas Group. Furthermore, Grassrings are made from 100% recycled materials. The grass paving panels simply clip together and are very easy to install, even if you are a DIY home handyman.

Where can I use Grassrings ?

Grassrings Turf Paving Grids are used for overflow car parking areas as well as emergency vehicle access lanes.

Other typical applications include:

  • Truck and bus parking
  • Boat and caravan parking
  • Overflow car parks
  • Golf buggy access routes on golf courses
  • Emergency vehicle access lanes
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Mine sites
  • Dog and pet play areas
  • Forklift access areas
  • Ground stabilisation at concerts

Because Grassrings are porous, water permeates back into the ground. Grass Matting also reduces heat that would normally radiate from concrete surfaces.

Heavy Duty versus Light Duty

Grassrings Grass Cell is different to other products called either Turf Reinforcement Mesh or Diamond Mesh. Since these Mesh products are generally light duty extruded plastic, they are usually placed above the grass.

On the other hand, Grassrings have been load tested to 400 tons/m² and will therefore withstand vehicles parking on the grass. In contrast, many Turf Reinforcement Mesh products will only take 8 tons/axle load.

Grassrings are used for Parking Cars on Grass.

Vehicles can park on lawn areas without compacting the root system as a result of Grassrings being installed. Eco-friendly Grassed Driveways are a popular choice for homeowners who prefer Green Driveways. Grassrings Grid mat can also be used with decorative stone for pathways since it is concealed.

Load Capability

The Grassrings grid rings are very strong and can support:

  • golf carts
  • caravans
  • fire trucks
  • planes
  • helicopters
  • and other low volume heavy vehicle traffic.

Is your dog digging holes in your garden ?

The Grassrings grid system is used specifically to stop dogs digging holes in green lawn.

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  • Grassrings Grass Reinforcement mats provide over 90% root development area.
  • The grass grows naturally therefore 100% cover is achieved
  • Grassrings withstand heavy traffic loads because of their durability.
  • The plastic interlocking paving grid is flexible and will also follow land contours.
  • Grassrings are easy to shape around sprinklers and valve boxes because they are flexible.
  • Grassrings are made from 100% recycled polymer. The plastic is chemical resistant, UV stabilised, and impact resistant.
  • Easy and quick to install, including cutting around borders and trees.
  • Grassrings create a permeable paving surface, therefore improved storm water drainage.
  • The ring design is the strongest shape for grass paving due to it having no weak corners.
  • Grassrings are tested to withstand loads equivalent to 400t/m².
  • Plastic Paving System used for Grass, Gravel, and Decorative Stone.

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