Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank: Melbourne

Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank at luxurious seaside Apartments in Melbourne

Drainwell drainage cells were used for an Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank at luxurious seaside Apartments in Melbourne. A 120,000L rainwater reuse tank was required. To maximise the land usage and to enhance the development, the tank was installed below a turfed lawn area.

Novaplas Group manufactures Drainwell Underground Stormwater Tanks in Australia utilising 100% recycled materials and is committed to providing sustainable solutions working together with Engineers and Contractors to effectively embrace Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) requirements.

Drainwell stormwater modules are suitable for the following applications:

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Stormwater Detention Tanks
Stormwater Infiltration/Absorption Tanks
Rain Gardens

Drainwell underground stormwater tanks are trafficable and can be installed below car parking areas and driveways.

Some Key Benefits of Drainwell™ Underground Tanks:

Drainwell Cells are trafficable and can be installed below car parking areas.
Drainwell Drainage cells provide an extremely efficient, low-cost drainage system
Can be easily adapted to projects of any shape or size
Underground installation allows the surface above the tank to be utilised for car parking or landscaping
Eliminates open stormwater sumps, making the surface area usable Leach drains can be easily constructed to any size for efficient discharge of water to the surrounding soil
Lightweight construction allows easy transportation and installation compared to concrete and gravel systems
Greater cubic holding capacity
Permeable surface area allows quicker percolation and soakage and infiltration
95% void area, chemically inert material and 100% recycled material
Not affected by mould or algae
Supplied in flat pack form
Residential Soakwells Easy to install
Cost effective stormwater detention tanks


Drainwell Cells are Trafficable
Low-cost Drainage System
Easily Adapted to Projects
Eliminates Open Stormwater Sumps
Lightweight Construction

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