Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Triton Stormwater Chambers at Ballarat Clarendon College

Novaplas Group were again contacted to have the Triton Stormwater Chambers selected for an underground storage tank due to their cost effectiveness. The Triton Tank was installed below a car parking area at the prestigious Ballarat Clarendon College. As the Triton Chambers are manufactured from a structural grade composite material they can easily withstand the cars parking above the tank.

The project required a 72,000L Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank to enable valuable rainwater to be captured, stored and reused. What a great way to put our valuable natural resources to use.
Triton Stormwater Chambers can also be used for Stormwater Detention Tanks, Infiltration Tanks, and Rain Gardens.


Light Weight
Easy to Install
Engineered Interlocking Connection
Continuous, Unobstructed Internal Space
Hydraulic Design

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